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Increase iPad Memory

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So you removed all unnecessary language packs from your iPad and maybe you went a little further and cleaned up unused files that the OS automatically installs. Well here is a few more things you can remove (if you have no use for it). This will free up a tremendous amount of available memory on your device. Just follow the video, it’s pretty self-explanatory. /Library/Dictionaries is the directory. BACKUP BEFORE U REMOVE ALWAYS!

Thanks for watching! Thanks to GelaSkins!! I purchased the Patriot Class 10 Card at Amazon for 26.99

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10 Responses to “Increase iPad Memory”
  1. Me2600 says:

    My startup is 11 seconds! Thanks!

  2. Djluv5 says:

    I have the mid market on my iphone 3gs…

  3. ObeyBrandon says:

    @xxscope004xx not to good, just get a sandisk

  4. xxscope004xx says:

    how did that patriot come along?

  5. appleKid2G says:

    the first design looks very “OBEY”-ish like the clothes. dope skins! and thaty case mate case looks sick.

  6. iDrawPOO says:

    i got replacement eartips for my earphones on ebay from a seller called “lostearbuds”

  7. neogrosz says:

    nice camera bro its like crazy clean auto focus NICE!

  8. 06niss says:

    Nice (like)

  9. October124eva says:

    I have the Boombox 2 for my iPod Touch…

    Gelaskins are CRACK!

  10. MRKRAZY1870 says:

    nice dude i might check out them skins

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